Norma “La Brava”.


Celebration of the life of Norma “La Brava”, at KPFA Radio in Berkeley on January 11th, 2013.   Norma was born June 14, 1961. She is survived by her son.  On Friday nights for well over a decade,  La Brava could be heard on La Onda Bajita bringing poetry and voices of resistance. Her segments on La Onda Bajita included *Across Indian Lands* and the *Tierra Alerta*. La Brava worked in defense of mother earth giving voice to indigenous communities around the world. She was a steadfast defender of sacred sites and a nuclear abolitionist.

The first three images are of Norma and the La Onda crew at KPFA in 2003.

These images may be downloaded by participants and friends of Norma.   For larger files, or for publication, please contact Scott Braley:, or 510-410-9851